Bit Trial Information

I know from owning horses myself that finding a new bit is not always easy and you can spend hundreds of pounds buying bits until you find the right one. Our 30 day bit trial gives you peace of mind that if not suitable you can return the bit no problem minus the small trial fee.

Bit trials are available for most bits you just need to select it from the drop down menu on the individual product page.

If you select to trial a bit you may be sent a bit which has been trialled before, if you are happy with the bit but would like a new one this can be arranged at the end of your trial.

If you do not select to trial a bit you will be sent a new bit, please note bit trials are not automatically added to your purchase and only apply if you have selected them before adding the product to your basket.

Bit Trial Fee

 Bits Priced Up To Trial Fee
£29.99 £5.99
£39.99 £6.99
£49.99 £7.99
£74.99 £8.99
£99.99 £9.99
£124.99 £10.99
£149.99 £11.99
£174.99 £12.99
£199.99 £13.99


It is the customers responsibility to take care of the bit during the trial and to ensure that it is not damaged, lost or stolen. A refund cannot be requested after the bit trial ends.

It is recommended that you return the bit using a trackable and insured service as Jade's Tack Shop is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs when you send the bit back to us. We do not pay for return postage.

The 30 day bit trial starts from the date on your invoice, unless other wise stated and must be returned by the date shown on your invoice. Please make sure the bit is clean when returning otherwise you may be charged a cleaning fee.

All bits returned in an acceptable condition within the trial period will be refunded minus the trial fee.

If you are happy with the bit and would like to keep it, you do not need to do anything more and you will not be charged the trial fee.