17.5” Wintec GP with Changeable Gullet

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Second hand brown Wintec GP, seat measures 17.5” and it currently has a medium wide gullet bar but it is a changeable gullet saddle. This saddle is ideal for horses that are likely to change shape such as youngsters or for riders who have different horses and only wish to use one saddle. It is second hand so has some signs of wear, the material has separated on the skirt (as shown in picture) and there is sticky residue on the back from somebody having stuck a name sticker on it. The price does reflect these issues. The positives are that the synthetic girth straps have been replaced with leather so you do not have to worry about them splitting. The saddle is lightweight and easily adjustable. 

This saddle is available for a 3-day saddle trial subject to terms and conditions. Please email jadestackshop@outlook.com for a trial form.