Bizzy Bites Holder with Lick

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Bizzy Bites  is a new generation stable Toy.
Initially designed as an equine teether for young horses to alleivate the symptoms of teething,it soon developed into a great multifunctional Stable Toy / Teether for amusment for those grown up horses as well.
It has an innovative 3 in 1 design.It can be used on the floor ,on the wall via the stable bracket, hung from the ceiling with your own lead rope or attached to the door.
It is designed to relieve stress and alleviate stable vices such as cribbing, wind sucking and box walking by providing a fun distraction for your horse.
This is an enticting toy with rotating wings which give a surface for teething/mouthing or to keep your older horse entertained .
Within the design is space for a mollased based hard edible tasty lick which should last longer than a day.Then there is a hidden mint infused sponge which your horse should attempt to seek out ,so playing with the toy when the lick has finished.
The tasty edible licks and refill licks are all made from natural sugars,mollasess,wheat middlings,salt and chaff based elements for bulk and fibre.It has been developed with leading equine nutritionists.
Needs to be assembled. Easy to assemble.