Hunter Woodshavings

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Hunter Woodshavings are a highly dust extracted equine bedding that consist of SOFT FLAKES.  It is made from virgin softwood timber (Spruce & Pine mix) using sustainable, untreated sources.  Each weatherproof bale of Hunter Woodshavings is vacuum packed with fresh, dry, softwood shavings taken directly off our UK production lines to give you a consistently, high quality and totally natural product. With all of these natural benefits it's no surprise Hunter Woodshavings naturally look and smell great too. That's why we don't need to use any treatments to make our product smell nice and our bales are transparent so you can tell the natural quality from poor imitations.

Hunters’ fluffy shavings have a much greater absorbency than most competitor products. From the start, the original raw material is kiln dried to reduce moisture content. The shavings go directly from the planing lines to the dust extraction system at the baling plant where it is baled before moisture or other debris has a chance to get back into it.

Whereas many other products already contain a higher level of moisture this inhibits their ability to absorb much more. Hunter Woodshavings come out of the bag dry and fluffy ready to soak up whatever is thrown at them whilst providing a naturally soft and comfortable bed for as long as possible.

Hunter Woodshavings have an exceptional spread volume due to the baling process and extremely low dust content.  The shavings are vacuum packed under extreme compression.  With no timber debris or external shavings being allowed into our bales.

The clean, white flakes discolour when wet, making them easy to find and remove, minimising waste and saving you time. The highly absorbent flakes reduce the amount of wet bedding in your stable, meaning this maintains a dryer top layer for greater comfort for your horse's hooves, and protection for their lungs against ammonia.