Sundown Sun-e-bed Straw Pellets

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Mucking out, made easy!

Sun-e-bed is a highly absorbent, sustainable, horse bedding that speeds up mucking-out without compromising on bed quality or comfort.

The soft straw pellet breaks down to a fluffy, comfortable bed, with minimal dust, making it suitable for horses (and humans) who suffer from dust allergies and respiratory disorders.

Unlike wood pellets and other straw pellets, Sun-e-bed does not need watering before use, saving you time and hassle!

The advantages of Sun-e-bed horse bedding

100% British straw

Saves time mucking-out

Economical and space-saving

No watering required

Suitable for all bedding systems

Composts quickly for easy disposal

Very low dust levels

Highly absorbent and eliminates odours

Natural and sustainable